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The foundation of embodied learning is the yoking of mind and body that happens in yoga. Our curriculum is great for those looking to expand scope of understanding; deepen practice; or strengthen teaching.The core of embodied learning is a unique and effective way to teach and lead through connection – and protect themselves doing it. Teachers and leaders will learn techniques that can increase effectiveness and optimize interaction. Our trainings are informed by stress and resilience concepts that help optimize communication and increase capacity for understanding others. Helping professionals will learn techniques to improve connection and resilience.
We offer continuing education (300HR soon to come) for Yoga Alliance.We offer CE credits in various helping professions. Contact us to ask for more info. We offer CE credits in various helping professions. Contact us to ask for more info.

an exploration-ally informed curriculum and education:


departing from dualistic frameworks, embodied learning of emotional skills and empathetic experiences builds a holistic way of moving through the world with top-down and bottom-up regulating processes optimizing health all around.Inclusive of somatic, embodied, mindfulness, and vagal techniques, we explore whole-self therapies as the work in our day to day lives


from experiential to empirical, in our 5-week courses we explore ways that integrative therapies help us [re]connect to the inner potential and overcome the impacts of stress and trauma. By using a hybrid model of learning we capitalize on the use of in-person transformation at the beginning and end of each course with synchronous weekly Zooms each week.


exploration in in an open platform where “healers”, “body-workers”, therapists, psychologists, and practitioners alike can contribute to a deeper meaning of wellness. A crucial component of our curriculum is human interaction and experiential learning.


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