Embodied Empathy: The Body Learns The Score

This 5-week workshop is about reconnection to the internal systems in our body that guide our interactions inside and outside of work. Through guided practice, group lectures, and didactic activities attendees will learn the following: 

  • The unspoken/unrealized impact of experiences, interaction, and conversation on ourselves and others.
  • How to recognize the layers of affect embedded in communication to improve self care and relationships with others.
  • How to harness the vagal or bodily cues to activate healthy responses.

We are on the precipice of change. We know more about being human right now than we ever have. In the last 100 years science has helped us understand how we think, act, and feel. We have found ways to improve our lives through mindfulness, yoga, therapy, and performance psychology. We have learned how to acquire skills that help us thrive.  But even the programs that have the widest evidence base underneath them don’t work for everyone. 

As we extend our arms to grasp the concepts that will make us better, everything that we know about learning and growth forces us to see two dimensional solutions. E3 breaks into the third dimension of skill acquisition. Embodiment.  

This 5-week program consists of in person and virtual group classes that accompany a workbook and home-practice designed for three dimensional phenomenology.  The two in-person sessions (week 1 and 5) focus on a collective experiential commitment.  The synchronous virtual sessions are designed for pair and group work that progressively deepens our understanding of embodied skill acquisition. Along with time as a group your instructor will reach out to you (through text or email) daily to help you through the home practice and support your personal learning.  The contents of the workbook connect the science behind the work we are doing and how you can use it in your day to day life.