Many Paths Up the Mountain: Wellness East to West

This 5-week workshop explores the overlapping practices of eastern medicine and western psychology.  In this course you’ll develop and understanding of the traditional and evidence-based techniques found in yoga. Through guided practice, group lectures, and didactic activities attendees will learn the following: 

  • Traditional practices of overall wellness
  • Evidence-based mind-body practices
  • How to find your own path

Self-help isn’t new.  Wellness, resilience, compassion, and optimal living have been pursuits of many experts across the millenia.  In yoga, many of our traditions stem from eastern medicine including ayurveda and buddhism.  This program offers an introduction into traditional eastern practices and how they overlap with western thought (specifically positive psychology). Through a secular and inclusive lens we cover a broad range of topics with options for deeper, further study. Specifically, through weekly readings and journaling to increase understanding of the base tenants of core traditional eastern teachings we then come together approaching the week’s readings with western evidence-base.  We critically and experientially move through the intersection of east and west to give individuals their own path up the mountain.

While this course only offers an introduction to the concepts provided it is an intensive study that includes collaboration with peers and requires daily personal engagement/reflection and weekly responses to peers (along with the in-person and online classes).  We recommend you schedule and commit one to two hours a day to properly engage with this dense and meaningful material. 

This 5-week program consists of in person and virtual group classes that accompany a workbook and home-practice designed for three dimensional phenomenology.  The two in-person sessions (week 1 and 5) focus on a collective experiential commitment.  The synchronous virtual sessions are designed for pair and group work that progressively deepens our understanding of the intersection of east and west. Along with time as a group your instructor will reach out to you (through text or email) daily to help you through the home practice and support your personal learning.  The contents of the workbook connect the science behind the work we are doing and how you can use it in your day to day life.